Suffolk University Reviews Tenured Faculty

The decision is a rare move for a private university

Suffolk University
Suffolk University
Suffolk University

Tenured positions within universities are lifelong positions guaranteed to a worthy faculty members, but Suffolk University is now subjecting its tenured faculty to performance reviews that could get them disciplined, The Boston Globe reported.

While most public universities, including those in the University of Massachusetts system, conduct what is called post-tenure review, performance reviews that can result in discipline for tenured faculty are significantly less common at private schools, and few in the Boston area have them.

Suffolk told the Globe that the decision was made to ensure that its tenured professors produce quality research and teaching, but some professors don’t agree.

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According to the Globe, some faculty said they worry that the current decision could be a gateway to a new set of rules that could be established that would university more power to discipline and fire tenured professors.

However, the private university assured the Globe that it’s not going to end its tenure program.