Police: Not Likely Bomb Targeted Public

Authorities said a pipe bomb found near a Marshfield beach was likely targeting an individual and not the general public, raising the possibility that the device accidentally fell off a passing vehicle or otherwise missed its intended mark.

The discovery of the device prompted an hours-long evacuation of nearby residences and businesses around 5 p.m. Sunday near 283 Ocean St.

WBZ News reports that the device was considered “sophisticated” by police, containing a set of magnets they believe may have attached the device to a car.

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State Fire Marshal Stephen Coan said the device was so sensitive it exploded after only gentle handling by the bomb squad robot.

“There was no danger to the public during this procedure,” Coan told the Globe. “The danger was that someone handling it prior to the detonation could have been seriously injured.”

Police are offering an award up to $5,000 for any information that helps in the investigation.