Cuteness alert: Boston radio station calls 6-year-old pretending to be Spiderman

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Scene from the 2002 motion picture “Spider-Man.”

A Boston morning radio show got a little more than it bargained for in a phone call to a six-year-old Spiderman fan.

TJ from 103.3 AMP Radio’s “The TJ Show” called Carter at the request of the child’s mom. TJ told Carter that he was Spiderman.

And as you might expect from a six-year-old, Carter immediately believed he was speaking with his favorite superhero.

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As you might also expect, Carter was absolutely adorable on the air.

What you might not expect is how well-spoken and diplomatic the boy was during the conversation. At one point, Carter offered some solid relationship advice after hearing about ongoing tensions between Spiderman and Mary Jane.

Give it a listen on the station’s website here.