Map Shows City’s Many ‘Hills,’ ‘Villes,’ and ‘Ills’

Dan Wasserman/ ArchitectureBoston

A map in the latest issue of ArchitectureBoston has given Boston an interesting facelift by assigning new monikers to different neighborhoods and nearby towns.

The map was created by Boston Globe editorial cartoonist Dan Wasserman and calls Boston “a shining city on some hills and other curiosities.”

The monikers are all a play on the words hill, ville and ill. It features “villes” such as “Hipsterville,” “Martyville,” and “Newtonville.” It also features “hills” such as “Mission Hill” and “Bunker Hill” as well as some “ills” such as “Nofrill,” “Cheapthrill,” “Beerspill,” and “Gentrifill.”

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Can you guess which Boston neighborhoods and surrounding towns they refer to?