The Animal Rescue League of Boston has the Best Twitter

Dedham , MA 10/03/13 SAFE NPW....two of the pups with ARL staffers from left : Jackie Boomer and Amanda McGuire cqs. At the Dedham branch of the Animal Rescue League of Boston ( cq) four pit bull puppies were brought in just before 6pm tonight for rehab and physicals. They were among the more than a dozen other pit bulls found in squalor after a Mddleboro durg raid. The othere were dropped off at two other A.R.L. sites. ( George Rizer for the Boston Globe ) for METRO
Two puppies being cared for by Animal Rescue League of Boston staffers.
George Rizer for The Boston Globe

In a city with a variety of wildlife, it’s surprising how often our animal care experts get overlooked. The Animal Rescue League of Boston, in particular, is an impressive group of people, and their Twitter account is more than enough proof.

With a bio that proclaims “Rescue” as their middle name, the ARL of Boston posts near constant updates as they respond to, well, just about everything.

On Tuesday alone, they went to Westford for a cat in a tree, South Boston for an injured opossum, Fenway for an injured goose, Dedham and West Roxbury for some lonely squirrels, and the North End for an injured swan. That’s the kind of care that Cosmo Kramer would be impressed with.

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With so much time spent saving critters, it’s amazing how active their Twitter account is. Imagining an ARL of Boston staffer wrangling an angry goose with a bum leg while trying to keep a tweet under 140 characters is both hilarious and inspiring.

Oh, and did we mention the adorable animal pictures? Because there are adorable animal pictures. No matter what your animal of choice is, they’ve got you covered.

From kittens:

To guinea pigs:

And even ponies who could use a little extra conditioner:

So hop on the old tweet-machine and give them a follow. If you don’t think their impressive work is worth your time, take solace in knowing they’ll send out something that is: pictures of an animal who makes your worst hair day look good.