Fenway Crowd To Face Tighter Security Before, After Marathon Monday Game

Security Security screening at a 2013 Red Sox game. JOSH REYNOLDS FOR THE BOSTON GLOBE (Metro, Schworm)
Security screening at a 2013 Red Sox game.

The tight security planned for the Boston Marathon will extend to Fenway Park. Fans who plan to catch Monday’s late morning Red Sox game against the Baltimore Orioles and then cheer on runners should keep their bags at home or plan to spend extra time at a security checkpoint, according to police.

Fenway Park has stringent security procedures for every game, but stadium security and Boston Police will take a few extra steps on Patriots’ Day, according to Red Sox spokesperson Zineb Curran.

“A comprehensive sweep of the ballpark will be completed by explosive ordnance detection teams prior to the game and there will be increased vigilance with vehicles parked around the ballpark’s perimeter,” said Curran. “There will also be an increased number of Red Sox security guards at the game as well as increased Boston Police presence.”

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Boston city officials have outlined a detailed security plan for the marathon route, including 50 spectator checkpoints, over 100 cameras and both uniformed and undercover police. There’s also a list of “discouraged” items, which police said they will check on race day.

“People should feel safe but they should know that there is a large police presence,” said Sgt. Michael McCarthy, Boston Police spokesman.

After the game, fans can expect to pass through security checkpoints on Brookline Avenue and other locations as they approach the marathon route.

“There will be resources on the routes where they come in and they’re going to be checked,” said McCarthy. “There’ll be a point there with resources from our department to funnel the people into where we can observe them clearly.”

Fans with backpacks, blankets and other items on the marathon’s discouraged items list will face additional scrutiny, according to McCarthy. If you bring an item on the list, expect to spend more time at a security checkpoint.

“If they could come with no bags that would be a big help for us,” said McCarthy. “If they have to carry something, use a clear bag or don’t be discouraged if we have to stop them.”

The Red Sox face the Orioles at 11:05 a.m. on April 21, also known as Marathon Monday and/or Patriots’ Day.

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