New tests show no evidence of forgery in ‘Gospel of Jesus’s Wife’ papyrus

New testing has found no evidence of forgery in an ancient document that refers to Jesus as having a wife, The Boston Globe reports.

The "Gospel of Jesus's Wife" was introduced to the world by [Harvard professor Karen L. King] at a conference in Rome 18 months ago. The announcement made headlines around the world, and many of King's academic peers, as well as the Vatican newspaper, swiftly dismissed it as a fake.

A carbon dating test places the ancient Egyptian papyrus as dating back to the eighth century. Other tests show that the ink used on the document is consistent with the ink used by ancient Egyptians and the text has not been written in modern times.

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The papyrus is the first-known explicit reference to Jesus being married. According to Harvard, The words, “Jesus said to them, my wife” are contained in the document. However, King does not believe the fragment is evidence that Jesus was married. Instead, King believes the document was part of the debate among early Christians about celibacy and the role of women.