Bicyclist fatally struck by vehicle near Sullivan Square in Charlestown

A bicyclist has died after being struck this afternoon by a motor vehicle near Sullivan Square in Charlestown, Boston police said.

The person was riding a bike near Cambridge and Spice streets about 1:30 p.m., police said.

At midafternoon, Boston police crime scene technicians worked a short distance away from where the person’s body still lay on Spice Street, hidden behind a temporary screen police .

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A few feet away, and closer to the intersection with Cambridge Street, lay the mangled bike the person was riding.

Police were looking for trucks in the area, but did not say if they had located the vehicle involved in the fatal incident.

The police activity across the street from the busway at the Sullivan Square station caught the attention of George McCoy, 60, an MBTA bus driver.

McCoy said the square is a high volume traffic area filled with bicyclists and motor vehicles. Drivers, he said, routinely speed through the congested intersection.

“The cars don’t care,’’ said McCoy, who did not witness the bike crash. “Everybody drives way over the limit.’’