Nothing but blue skies will we see (till Friday night’s rain)

It’s all blue skies on the horizon, except for a brief smattering of rain Friday night and Saturday morning.

“We won’t be seeing rain until late afternoon, around the middle of the commute,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Alan Dunham. “It will end in the early afternoon Saturday.”

Today will be mostly sunny, with high temperatures near 50 degrees. Clear skies will stick around through the evening. Low temperatures will drop into the upper 30s overnight.

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Thursday will see similar conditions, with sunny skies and high near 50 degrees. Some clouds could arrive in the evening as temperatures sink to 35 degrees.

Prior to the rain showers, Friday will be partly sunny, with highs near 45 degrees. Some clouds will arrive in the afternoon, with some sprinkling rain transitioning into heavier showers after 9 p.m. and continuing overnight. Low temperatures should drop into the upper 30s.

Any heavy rain showers should peter out before noon Saturday, though some light, scattered rain could continue through the early afternoon. High temperatures will climb to 58 degrees. Skies should clear slightly in the evening as temperatures drop to 39 degrees.

Dry weather will return Sunday, with sunny skies and high temperatures near 52 degrees. Mostly clear skies will remain during the evening as temperatures drop lower into the upper 30s.

“We’re not dealing with snow and temperatures are around normal, so nothing could be better,” Dunham said.