Hilltop Steak House NOT Sold to Phantom Gourmet Brothers

The iconic Hilltop Steak House cactus sign on Route 1 in Saugus. (John Tlumacki - The Boston Globe)
The Boston Globe

Sorry meat-lovers: rumors of the fabled Hilltop Steakhouse’s return have been greatly exaggerated.

An April Fools’ Day Facebook post by Phantom Gourmet CEO Dave Andelman received nearly 200 likes and over 20 shares Tuesday after announcing he and his brother Mike Andelman purchased the iconic Route 1 steakhouse, which closed late last year.

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Most commenters seemed in on the prank, though the punchline missed the mark for others.

“You really p****d me off with this one,” one fan wrote. “It was a huge letdown when I realized it was joke.”

The Lynn Daily Item reported the rumor went as far north as North Conway, N.H.

Andelman later wrote a clarifying post with a nod to another Route 1 eatery:

It’s not the first time the kitschy restaurant has inspired a prank—their famed fiberglass yard cows were stolen, and later recovered, following the announcement of their closing last October.

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