Sunny weather expected to persist for several days

The sun has come out. And it might stick around for a while.

“It will be mostly sunny today, tomorrow, Thursday, and partly sunny Friday,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Alan Dunham. “The normal high [temperature] for this time of year is 50 degrees, and we’re going to be getting close.”

Sunny skies should persist all day today, with high temperatures near 45 degrees. Skies will remain clear overnight as temperatures drop into the mid-30s.

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Similar conditions will arrive Wednesday, with sunny skies and highs near 49 degrees. Some clouds could roll in during the evening. Low temperatures will remain in the upper 30s overnight.

Sunshine will prevail again Thursday, with highs climbing into the lower 50s. Skies should become cloudy in the late afternoon as temperatures sink to 37 degrees.

Friday will see the week’s first chance of rain, though conditions will remain dry and sunny until late afternoon. High temperatures should reach 49 degrees. Rain showers are likely after 4 p.m., with cloudy skies and lows in the upper 30s.

“There’s a 40 percent chance of rain, mainly in the afternoon,” Dunham said.

After a rainy start, the weekend should return to sunny and dry weather into early next week.