Saudi man injured in Marathon bombings sues Glenn Beck for slander, defamation

FROM MERLIN ARCHIVE DO NOT RESEND TO LIBRARY Glenn Beck rehearses his new Fox News Channel show at the News Corporation building in Manhattan on January 16, 2009. Beck's show will premiere on Monday, January 19. CREDIT: Nicholas Roberts for The New York Times Assn. ID 30075073A PHOTO CREDIT: Nicholas Roberts for The New York Times Published 01-19-2009: 06TVRAIL Library Tag 03062009 Library Tag 07112010 Ideas Library Tag 12162011 Business
Glenn Beck on the set of his Fox News show on Jan. 16, 2009. B
The New York Times

A Saudi Arabian man who was injured in the Boston Marathon bombings and initially the focus of suspicion in the attack has filed a lawsuit against Glenn Beck for defamation and slander.

The lawsuit was filed against the conservative commentator for allegedly saying on air that the plantiff, Abdulrahim Alharabi, was “the money man
behind the attack,” the Associated Press reports.

In the federal lawsuit filed Friday in Boston, plaintiff Abdulrahim Alharbi says as a result of Beck's statements tying him to the bombings that killed three, Alharabi's reputation has been "substantially and severely damaged."

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After the bombings, several media outlets published reports saying Alharabi behaved suspiciously at the finish line and was tackled by a spectator. The 20-year-old was a student at the New England School of English on a full scholarship, according to The Washington Post. He was questioned by law enforcement officials, who also searched his Revere aparment, but later cleared him of any wrongdoing or involvement in the bombings.

Last year, Alharabi, who was injured in the bombings, spoke out about being scrutinized in the media, telling The Islamic Monthly that he was “double injured from the explosion and the media.” He also told the publication that he was never tackled by a spectator near the finish line, but was instead helped by a runner.

The lawsuit against Beck calls for a jury trial and unspecified damages.