Some cell, Internet returns after radio towers collapse

UPDATE, 8:03 p.m.: Some of the electronic services that were lost from the effects of the nor’easter that swept across Massachusetts this weekend have returned, according to the Associated Press.

The AP reported:

City officials say emergency service has been restored to the western Massachusetts town of North Adams approximately 11 hours after cellphone and Internet service was knocked out when radio towers on top of a nearby mountain collapsed amid high winds and heavy rain.

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The collapse of radio towers in North Adams on Saturday night has interrupted cell phone and Internet services in the area.

According to the North Adams Police Department:

Due to high winds and heavy rain throughout the night, the radio towers on top of Florida Mountain have collapsed. This has resulted in the loss or significant interruption of cell and internet services in the North Adams area.

The department says it can still receive 911 calls from home phones, regardless of whether those phones are in service. For those who are unable to contact authorities by phone, the department says it will be monitoring its Facebook page.

The Associated Press reports:

A police dispatcher said a portable tower and transmitters are being installed to provide crucial communications for the city of about 13,500 residents.

The collapse came two days after the closing of North Adams Regional Hospital.

It is unclear how long service interruptions will persist.