Snow storm is possible mid-week, but forecasters say it’s too early to tell how much will fall

Bay staters should prepare themselves for a possible mid-week snow storm, but the forecast is far from certain, according to the National Weather Service in Taunton, despite some dire predictions of blizzard-like snowfall.

In spite of sunny skies, the week will kick off with January-like temperatures, NWS meteorologist Alan Dunham said. Those in Greater Boston can expect frigid temperatures Monday with highs in the upper 20s with gusty Northwest winds, he said.

“When you get up, you may want to warm up your car because it will be around 13 degrees,” Dunham warned.

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On Tuesday, temperatures will be slightly warmer, with highs in the mid-30s and mostly cloudy skies, according to the meteorologist.

When it comes to the impending storm that some are forecasting for early Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday Morning, Dunham said that it is too early to tell how much snow the state will see, if any.

Dunham explained that there is no consistency between the several computer models used to predict the forecast, and that pinpointing the storm’s exact track is nearly impossible.

“It’s called chasing the models,” he said, referring to the inconsistent reports of snow fall.

When the storm is still a few days away, the track of the storm changes frequently, he said.

In a discussion on the NWS website, meteorologists discussed one computer model’s outlier prediction of an “epic snowstorm/blizzard for Eastern New England.”

That prediction is the most extreme and although it is possible, it is the least likely of the forecasts, NWS meteorologist William Babcock said.

Meteorologists urge patience while awaiting a more solid forecast. According to Babcock, when the models begin to display more similar predictions across the board, the NWS will have more confidence in their forecast.

“It is a situation people need to be aware of, but its too early to get into the specifics,“ Dunham said.

The National Weather Service predicts that Cape Cod and Islands could see the most snow, but, it is still unclear how much snow that might be.