Charlie Baker endorsed by Massachusetts GOP for governor

Boston Ma 3/22/2014 Lauren Baker (cq) left and her husband Charlie Baker (cq) after he won his parties endorsement. Massachusetts State Republican Convention . Boston Globe Staff/Photographer Jonathan Wiggs Topic: Reporter:
Lauren Baker and her husband Charlie Baker at the Massachusetts State Republican Convention after he won the party’s endorsement.
Jonathan Wiggs/ Globe Staff

Delegates at the Massachusetts Republican convention “strongly backed” Charlie Baker for governor, reports WBZ-TV:

Delegates to the Republican state convention strongly backed Charlie Baker for their party's gubernatorial nomination on Saturday, and conservative tea party member Mark Fisher just barely missed receiving enough support to force a contested GOP primary.

The Boston Globe reports:

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Fisher, a Shrewsbury businessman, missed the 15 percent threshold by less than half a percentage point, party officials said more than 90 minutes after initial results had been announced. Blank ballots accounted for the remaining 2.527 percent. About a half dozen more votes for Fisher -- out of more than 2,500 cast -- would have put him over 15 percent.

Baker was the GOP’s 2010 nominee for governor, but he lost the general election to Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick.