YOU get a Chromebook! YOU get a Chromebook!

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh will unveil the very first shipment of Google Chromebooks to Mildred Avenue Middle School in Mattapan on Friday, March 21.

The Chromebooks project will provide a total of 10,000 laptops to Boston Public Schools (BPS), which equals about one laptop for every 6 students in the district. Students will leave these laptops at school, but will be able to save their work and access it on another computer when they log in using their Google account.

BPS hopes the Chromebooks will not only faciliate the teaching of important computer skills, but will also help with the PARCC assessment, a new online evaluation being launched at 70 Boston schools. BPS was one of the first districts in the country to give each teacher a laptop. With the introduction of the Chromebooks, these teachers will be able to more easily tailor their day-to-day lessons towards incorporating the new technology.

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According to the Boston Public Schools, the Chromebooks project will be funded through a $3 million lease-purchase loan through City Hall. Over the course of the next three years, BPS’ Office of Instructional and Information Technology (OIIT) will pay half of the loan, with the schools getting the Chromebooks paying the other half.

The Chromebook is a personal computer that was introduced by Google in 2011. The laptop runs on the Chrome OS operating system and is designed to be used while connected to the Internet.