Two-year closure of Government Center T station begins March 22

Beginning on Saturday, March 22, the Government Center MBTA station will be closed while the station undergoes renovations.

During the two-year closure, Green and Blue line trains will still run through Government Center, but will not stop at the station.

According to the MBTA:

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During Government Center's closure, Green Line trains will pass through Government Center Station but not stop there. The last downtown stop will generally be the following for each branch: B-Branch (Boston College) will end at Park Street; C-Branch (Cleveland Circle) will end at North Station; D-Branch (Riverside) will end at Park Street during rush hours and North Station at other times; E-Branch will end at Lechmere. Additionally, Bowdoin Station will extend its operating hours and be open during all hours of service for the duration of Government Center's closure.

The MBTA has provided additional details to help passengers navigate their way through the station at City Hall Plaza during the renovations.

The reconstruction project will bring Government Center Station into compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, along with making many other improvements. Among the more significant changes will be a tall, glass-lined entrance. Other renovations will include improvements to platforms and the installation of new elevators, escalators, and lighting systems. An expanded fare collection area will also be constructed.

According to the MBTA, the Government Center Station is slated to reopen during the spring of 2016. Additional work will continue after the reopening of the station before the project’s final completion currently scheduled for late 2016.