BU freshman, at home in Mexico City during spring break, is killed during taxi robbery, school says

A Boston University freshman was killed during a robbery while taking a taxi in his hometown of Mexico City, according to the university.

“It is with sadness that I write to inform you of a loss in our community,’’ BU President Robert A Brown wrote in an e-mail sent to the college community. “While home in Mexico City during the break, Diego Fernandez Montes, a freshman in the College of Arts & Sciences, lost his life tragically.’’

According to the school’s BU Today website, Montes was killed Thursday during a robbery in Mexico’s capital city, a place where he hoped to combat poverty after finishing his education.

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In one of his classes, Montes wrote an essay titled, “I’m not an ostrich,’’ in which he described his goal in life as helping others, and not focusing on getting rich, according to BU Today.

BU Today interviewed Montes’s father, Julian Fernandez.

“In reality,” his father told BU Today. “I’m very much at peace, because Diego was at peace. He was at peace with everyone. He didn’t have any qualms, any regrets. If you asked me if I knew anybody who was spiritually prepared to take off from this world, it was Diego.”

Some of Montes’s classmates attended funeral services for him in Mexico City over the weekend, the school said. A memorial service in Boston is in the planning stages.