Driver of trolley in Green Line derailment fired, again

According to WBZ:

The driver in the derailment of a Green Line trolley Monday has been fired, a source told WBZ-TV Friday.

Yesterday, WCVB-TV reported that MBTA driver Sydley Gardner had been fired once before in 2010.

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Sydley Gardner was fired for not following protocol after a September 2010 incident on the Green Line. But due to a technicality, he was reinstated by an arbitrator only to be involved in another accident two days ago.

According to the Boston Herald, State Transportation Secretary Richard Davey was “not happy” about Gardner’s return to the job.

"I'm certainly not happy about it," Davey said. "I was the one that terminated him the first time. At the time, I thought we had the right grounds to do it."

The MBTA investigated and contributed the derailment to human error, the Boston Globe reports:

The derailment of a Green Line trolley on Monday was a result of human error, the MBTA said today... Officials had already said they had ruled out problems with the track, the signals, and the trolley involved in the crash.