Middleborough vandalism spree is probed by police

A Middleborough neighborhood is cleaning up today after a wave of vandalism hit the area this weekend, leaving behind a slew of spray-painted obscenities, swastikas, and one racial epithet for residents to scrape off their cars and homes.

The Middleborough police are investigating. The incident appears to be “random acts of vandalism” by a suspect, or suspects, familiar with the area, Lieutenant Robert Ferrera said in a statement.

Vulgar words and at least three swastikas were scrawled on at least 10 cars and several homes between midnight and 3 a.m. Saturday. One car, branded with a swastika, had the words, “I like children in bed,” painted on it, the statement said.

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Investigators do not believe the vandalism was targeting anyone, though one car had the first two names of the women who lived in the house, along with the words, “I want her.”

Cars and houses were vandalized on Warren and West End avenues. Several residents of Lane Street and LeBaron Avenue also reported their cars were vandalized.

Police urged anyone with information on the crimes to contact them at 508-947-1212.