Cold temperatures return, with chance of snow

This week will be dry and cold, with temperatures below freezing from tonight through Friday and mostly dry conditions — except for some light snow possible Wednesday morning.

“For the Boston area we’re only calling for a chance of snow,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Kim Buttrick. “The more likely candidate for snow would be Nantucket and Cape Cod and the islands.”

Highs today under sunny skies are expected to near 35 degrees. Clouds will roll in this evening, bringing wind gusts as fast as 31 miles per hour. Temperatures should drop to around 19 degrees overnight, forecasters said.

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Cloudy and chilly conditions will persist Tuesday. Highs will only reach 30 degrees before plunging back into the upper teens in the evening.

Some flurries could start falling in Southeastern Massachusetts as early as 1 a.m. Wednesday. Less than 2 inches of snow are expected. Highs should reach 29 degrees. Temperatures in the evening could fall as low as 13 degrees.

Sunny skies will reappear Thursday, though high temperatures will still be at a below-normal 27 degrees. Lows will be in the chilly mid-teens, with clouds arriving overnight, forecasters said.

Friday will be similar, with lots of sun and highs near 25 degrees. Skies should become cloudy in the evening as temperatures drop to 15 degrees.

“We have a risk for snow possibly this weekend, but in between Wednesday and then it will be dry and cold,” Buttrick said.