Bail reduction denied in case of Irish nanny accused in Cambridge baby’s death

WOBURN — A Superior Court judge today denied a request for a reduction in the bail of Aisling Brady McCarthy, the Irish nanny accused of fatally beating a 1-year-old girl in her care in Cambridge.

The ruling by Judge S. Jane Haggerty came despite the recent revelation that there is evidence that the baby had sustained injuries when she was not in Brady’s care. Defense lawyers had asked for a bail reduction, arguing that the newly revealed evidence undercut the prosecution’s case.

“I do not think there is a sufficient change” in the evidence to warrant a change in bail, Haggerty said today in Middlesex Superior Court.

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Rehma Sabir was fatally injured at her Cambridge home in January 2013.

Medical specialists enlisted by prosecutors recently concluded that the child, Rehma Sabir, had sustained fractures to her vertebrae at least three weeks before she died. At that time, she was traveling with her mother and was not in McCarthy’s care.

Prosecutors say that Rehma Sabir died from massive head injuries sustained while in McCarthy’s exclusive care on Jan. 14, 2013, and that the timing of the fractures did not affect the central charges.