Jared Remy must give up saliva sample, says judge in murder case

WOBURN — A Middlesex Superior Court judge today approved an order to collect a saliva sample from Jared Remy at the Cambridge jail and to seal from the public an interview that State Police conducted with Remy’s then-4-year-old daughter a day after he allegedly murdered the girl’s mother in her presence.

Remy, the 35-year-old son of celebrated Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy, has been charged with fatally stabbing girlfriend Jennifer Martel at their Waltham townhouse on Aug. 15. His trial is scheduled to begin in October.

At a status hearing in Middlesex Superior Court this afternoon, Judge Kathe M. Tuttman approved two orders submitted by prosecutors with the approval of Remy’s defense lawyer — one to restrict the release of a recording of an Aug. 16 interview with the child to lawyers preparing for trial, and the other to allow for investigators to draw a saliva sample from Remy.

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Remy was not present at the brief hearing.

The judge’s order called for “duly licensed personnel selected by the Commonwealth and in the presence of a member of the Massachusetts State Police” to collect the sample, which is being sought for DNA purposes. The sample could be collected as early as next week. It could take six months for the sample to be processed, the prosecution said.

Assistant District Attorney Lisa S. McGovern also told Tuttman that the state medical examiner had not yet completed an autopsy on Martel, an aspiring teacher who was killed at 27. McGovern said she was hopeful the autopsy results would be available this month but not to expect them before the last week of the month.

Defense attorney Edward P. Ryan Jr. said he had received a copy of the child’s recorded interview. “We entered into an agreement or stipulation that the video won’t be disseminated to third parties or anyone unnecessary to the defense,” he said.

Ryan said he was still reviewing other evidence provided by the state through continued discovery and had not yet decided whether to file a motion seeking to dismiss the case. Tuttman scheduled the next hearing in the case for April 30.