Dartmouth rattled by small earthquake

A small earthquake shook the ground in Dartmouth Tuesday night, according to the US Geological Survey.

The 2.4-magnitude quake was recorded at 5:46 p.m. in the Bliss Corner area of Dartmouth, or 1 mile south-southwest of New Bedford, the USGS said.

Dartmouth police and firefighters said they did not receive any calls on the quake.

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A New Bedford police dispatcher said many residents of the town took to social media, reporting they felt the quake. The station also received many calls, he said.

“People get excited when they feel something,” he said.

No injuries were reported.

Daniel Machado, a New Bedford, wrote on his Twitter account that he felt the quake.

“Shook my house and what a bang,” he wrote.

Kelby Kim, another New Bedford Twitter user, wrote that she felt her house shake.

The USGS received about 80 reports of people feeling the quake on the “Did You Feel It” portion of the agency’s website. Some people estimated the temblor was a III on the Modified Mercator Mercalli Intensity Scale, which meant they felt it “quite noticeably.”

This is the second earthquake recorded in the area this year. The first was a 1.9 magnitude quake recorded on Jan. 9, according to John Ebel, a senior research scientist for the Weston Observatory.

Though Ebel is not sure why this is the case, he said he would continue to research it.

“Sometimes areas become active and then quiet again,” he said. “We’re not sure why it happens. It is one of the mysteries of New England earthquakes.”

People should keep in mind that areas that experience minor quakes have the potential for larger earthquakes in the future, said Ebel.

“It’s something we need to be aware of,” said Ebel.