Some light snow possible Sunday; ‘glacial landscape’ to linger into next week

Besides a few light, scattered snow showers Sunday, the forecast into next week is dry and frigid, with temperatures stuck just below freezing at the warmest.

“We’re just going to get brushed by that storm, but we might see some flurries,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Charlie Foley. “I don’t think it will be plowable, it’s more of a nuisance.”

The remaining snow on the ground from Wednesday’s storm won’t budge, either.

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“Generally, we’re going to be dry and cold, with temperatures not getting above freezing into next week,” Foley said. “So the glacial landscape with snow on the ground isn’t going to go anywhere.”

Today will be cold and windy, with highs in the upper 20s and wind gusts as high as 24 miles per hour throughout the day. Temperatures should sink to 12 degrees overnight.

The weekend will start out cloudy and cold, with temperatures Saturday cresting at 29 degrees, but wind chills making it feel as low as zero . Temperatures will drop into the upper teens in the evening.

Some light snow could fall after 11 a.m. Sunday as temperatures rise into the upper 20s. Any snow flurries will taper off before 2 a.m. Monday, with lows dropping to 18 degrees overnight.

Next week’s forecasts show dry and cold conditions ahead, with mostly sunny skies and highs in the mid-20s through Wednesday.

There is a chance of a warmup along with some rain and snow showers on Thursday, but those forecasts are still uncertain.

“There’s a chance of snow and rain Wednesday night into Thursday, but it’s not quite clear now because the storm is so far out,” Foley said.