Baby couldn’t wait: EMTs deliver infant in an ambulance in the South End

A baby boy was safely delivered in the back of an ambulance in the South End this morning by two EMTs at the end of their night shift, Boston Emergency Medical Services officials said today.

Mancuso and Stewart with a onesie that is traditionally given to all babies delivered by Boston EMS
Boston EMS

Tina Stewart of Boston and Chris Mancuso of Dorchester, both 35, responded to the expectant mother’s home on Massachusetts Avenue to take her to the hospital for the delivery — but when they arrived, the mother said she was ready to push.

“My partner said, ‘You don’t want to have this baby in the hallway.’ So we got her into the ambulance parked outside her home and laid her down in a stretcher,” Stewart said today in a telephone interview.

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“She started pushing — and out came a beautiful, very healthy baby boy,” Stewart said. “He was probably a good nine pounds.”

The baby, who entered the world at 5:04 a.m., was cleaned, wrapped, and warmed as the ambulance took both baby and mother to a nearby hospital.

Stewart, who has been EMT partners with Mancuso for six years, said they’ve delivered babies together everywhere from bathrooms to hallways to ambulances.

“We deal with so much and see so much that to have a mom look at you and put such trust in you, and seeing that a new life was beginning, it’s just such a wonderful call,” Stewart said. “I can’t stop smiling.”