T says countdown clocks are now running in all Red, Orange, and Blue Line stations

Countdown clocks alerting riders to when the next train will arrive are now up and running in all MBTA Red, Orange, and Blue Line stations, transportation officials.

The clocks, which the public transit agency began to install in 2012, are a crowd favorite, said T officials.

“We have received overwhelming response from customers that they love the countdown clock system,” MBTA General Manager Beverly Scottsaid in a statement. “This service answers one of the key questions in commuting — ‘Where is the train?’ — and I’m thrilled we continue to focus on innovative ways to improve our customers’ experience.”

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Now that all heavy rail — Red, Orange, and Blue Line — stations have clocks, the MBTA will focus on the Green Line light rail trains. Currently, this line has a less-sophisticated tracking system than the heavy rail lines.

This will be upgraded with GPS and sensor technology throughout the year, according to the statement, which was released today.

Customers will start to see countdown clocks in bus stations as well, starting with Forest Hills Station in the next few weeks, according to the statement.