Martel family has no comment on Jerry Remy’s return to Sox booth; says they’re focused on getting custody of grandchild

Jennifer Martel’s family has no opinion on the return to work of longtime Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy, whose son Jared is charged with murdering Martel, a family spokeswoman said today.

***warning: image lo res, do not use for more than 2.25 columns *** Murder victim Jennifer Martel, 27, stabbed to death in her apartment in her apartment Aug. 15th. (Facebook photo)
Jennifer Martel (Facebook photo)

Martel’s parents, along with their son and his wife, are hoping to gain custody of 5-year-old Arianna Remy, who is the daughter of Jennnifer Martel and Jared Remy, spokeswoman Nancy Sterling said in a statement.

“The Martels’ sole focus is on the custody proceeding and therefore they have no opinion on [Jerry] Remy’s return to work,” the statement said.

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“Since Jennifer’s death, her parents Patricia and Brian and their son Brian Jr. and wife Andrea have uprooted their lives, jobs, and homes in Virginia to move to Massachusetts to provide support and love for their granddaughter and niece Arianna Remy, who remains in the custody of the Department of Children and Families. While they cannot give specifics about the pending legal case, Patricia and Brian and Brian Jr. and Andrea have filed petitions for guardianship of Arianna in the hope that they will eventually be granted custody of her,” the statement said.

Jerry Remy and his wife, Phoebe Remy, are also seeking custody of Arianna Remy.

Remy said Monday he would return to the NESN booth this season. He had been on a leave since his son was arrested and charged with murdering Jennifer Martel in August.

Solemn and candid in a meeting with a small group of reporters at NESN’s Watertown headquarters, Remy, 61, said he was shocked and grief-stricken when he learned about the allegations against his son. He also repeatedly emphasized his sympathy for the Martel family, the Globe reported today.

But at the same time said, “It’s what I do. It’s what I know. It’s what my comfort level is. It’s where I feel I belong and I feel I’m going to do so as long as possible. I hope in no way that my decision to come back to do games has a negative impact on the Martel family. I’m quite certain they understand I have to make a living, and unfortunately mine is in the public eye. I’m quite certain they understand that.”