Clearing but cold today, relatively warm weekend ahead

Snow will give way to sun today as a relatively warm and wet weekend approaches.

The South Shore got the thickest coating of snow this morning, with 5.5 inches recorded on the mid-Cape, according to National Weather Service meteorologist Bill Simpson. Boston just got a dusting.

“The snow will clear up and turn mostly sunny by this afternoon,” Simpson said.

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Highs will crest near 24 degrees today, with winds reaching up to 20 miles per hour. Skies will stay clear overnight as temperatures drop into the low teens.

Thursday will be dry but cool, with highs near 28 degrees and sunny skies through the afternoon. Clouds will arrive in the evening, helping maintain temperatures in the low 20s overnight.

Another bout of snow could fall between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Friday, though accumulation would be light.

“Within Boston it would be a dusting, and maybe up to a half-inch or an inch in the Berkshires,” Simpson said.

Temperatures will reach an above-normal 37 degrees Friday, and only drop to the mid-20s in the evening.

Highs will be even warmer on Saturday, cresting near 40 degrees in the afternoon. Cloudy skies should drop some rain showers after 4 p.m., possibly turning to sleet and freezing rain overnight with lows at an unseasonably warm 35 degrees.

Sunday will be similarly warm but dry, with highs near 40 degrees through the afternoon. Temperatures should drop into the mid-20s in the evening as some of the cloud cover starts to dissipate.