Sunny skies, but weather will stay arctic cold; light snow could fall this weekend

Today and Friday the state will be in the deep freeze, with temperatures far below normal. The weather is expected to warm up somewhat this weekend but another wave of snow showers is expected to arrive, followed by another surge of arctic air.

“We’ll probably get an inch or two on Saturday,” National Weather Service meteorologist Bill Simpson said today. “And then it’s definitely going to get cold.”

Light snow showers should fall Saturday between noon and 8 p.m., and again Sunday night, though accumulation will be significantly lighter than Tuesday night’s snowfall.

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Temperatures today will crest near 17 degrees, almost 20 degrees lower than normal. Skies should be partly sunny, with some clouds arriving in the evening. Tonight will be cold and dry, with lows around 6 degrees and wind chill values as low as minus-6 degrees.

Friday will be similar, with mostly sunny skies and highs near 14 degrees through the afternoon. Skies will become cloudy in the evening, though temperatures should only drop to 11 degrees overnight.

Some scattered snow showers could arrive as early as 2 a.m. Saturday, though temperatures will moderate to a much milder 34 degrees. Light snow could continue into the evening, with a low around 15 degrees.

Sunday will be mostly sunny, with highs near 24 degrees. There is a chance of some more scattered snow showers between the evening and early Monday morning as temperatures sink to 19 degrees.

A surge of arctic air will arrive Monday, bringing the week to a frigid but dry start.