Green Line service delayed after thief jumps off train between downtown stations, eludes police

MBTA Green Line service was held up for 20 minutes today, after an alleged thief jumped from a train onto the tracks between two downtown stations in an effort to avoid police, MBTA Transit Police said.

After stealing merchandise from the City Sports on Boylston Street, the male suspect ran toward the MBTA’s Arlington Station at about 12:45 p.m., Boston police said.

The suspect then boarded a Green Line inbound train. Transit Police were alerted of the crime, and waited for him at the MBTA Boylston Street station.

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The thief jumped out of the emergency door onto the tracks, and eluded law enforcement officers. Service was stopped briefly, but resumed just after 1 p.m., after officers searched the tracks to no avail, Transit Police said.

Anyone with information about the incident, or a description of the suspect, is asked to call the police.