Sunshine will give way to snow and rain showers this weekend; chill to return next week

Today’s sunny skies will give way to some scattered snow and rain showers this weekend, ushering in a cooler, drier start to next week, according to the National Weather Service.

Skies will be clear for most of the day as temperatures reach into the above-normal mid-40s. Clouds will start rolling in tonight, carrying a low risk of some light rain and snow as temperatures fall into the lower 30s.

“Saturday morning there will be chance of rain or snow showers, and then plain rain showers during the afternoon as temperatures climb into the mid-40s,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Alan Dunham. “It will be over and done with by the time Sunday comes.”

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Those showers will move offshore overnight as temperatures drop into the mid-20s.

Sunday will be mostly dry and cloudy with highs in the upper 30s, with lows sinking to 25 degrees in the evening.

Next week looks dry and progressively colder, with lows expected to fall into the teens and then single digits throughout the week.

“We’re expecting some colder air to move in for Tuesday through Thursday, and we’ll have to look out for some cold wind chill values, especially over the interior,” Dunham said.