School bus is struck by bullets in Holyoke; no injuries reported

Police are investigating after a school bus carrying 10 students was struck by two bullets in an attack aimed at somebody else, Holyoke police said.

Reports of the shooting came in around 4 p.m. Wednesday. No injuries were reported, police said.

The bus from the Holyoke Community Charter School was heading south on Elm Street when it passed in front of someone shooting at another target, police said. Police suspect the shooting was gang-related.

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A total of nine 9mm shell casings were found in the area. Two bullets were found in the back of the school bus, said Denise Duguay, commander of the Holyoke criminal investigations bureau.

“I’m very upset about this incident, and I pledged to the police department that any resources needed to find the suspect will be found,” said Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse.

A police officer boarded the bus after the shooting to escort the 10 children, ages ranging from 6 to 13, to their homes, Morse said.

A suspect has been identified, but the person’s description is not being released because the investigation is ongoing, police said.

“The detectives that are assigned to the case are interviewing witnesses as we speak,” Duguay said.

“A lot of the crime in Holyoke is criminal-on-criminal, drug dealer-on-drug dealer, and gang member-on-gang member,” Morse said. “This school bus was in the area at the wrong time.”