Warm spell continues as rain showers move in

Another day of warmer-than-normal temperatures is ahead, along with steady rain showers through this evening.

“Southeast Massachusetts and the Cape and islands could get three-quarters of an inch [of rain] or a little bit higher,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Bill Simpson. Up to a half-inch is expected for the rest of the region, he said.

Highs today will reach into the low 50s, about 15 degrees higher than the average.

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Rain showers will start to peter out around 10 p.m. as temperatures drop into the mid-30s.

The sun will return Wednesday, bringing clear skies and highs near 49 degrees. Clouds will move in during the evening as lows sink into the mid-30s.

Thursday will start off cloudy, with highs in the low 40s and a chance of rain before 9 a.m. Additional light showers could continue until 11 p.m., as lows drop into the upper 20s for the first time this week.

Friday will be sunny once more as temperatures swing back into the mid-40s. The evening will see some clouds and temperatures in the low 30s, bringing a slight chance of light snow showers late Friday night into Saturday morning.

“Because we’re in the 30s, we’ll be on the cusp betewen rain and mixed snow,” Simpson said. “Boston could get an inch or two [of snow], but probably not anything plowable.”