Brim Beanie Bandit is back; authorities seek public’s help in identifying him

A surveilance camera captured this photo of the Brim Beanie Bandit in action.
A surveilance camera captured this photo of the Brim Beanie Bandit in action.
FBI Boston

The Brim Beanie Bandit is back, according to the FBI.

The bank robber with the distinctive headgear struck again on Monday. And the FBI’s Violent Crimes Task Force is again seeking the public’s help in identifying him.

Authorities describe the robber as a white man, 5 feet 7 inches tall, 150 pounds, in his late 40s or early 50s. In the past month, he has successfully robbed four banks, in Quincy, Braintree, Needham, and Stoughton, robbing the latter bank twice. He also is believed to be responsible for another attempted bank robbery in Dorchester, according to the Boston office of the FBI.

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Randy Jarvis , supervisory special agent with the FBI, said that in all of the robberies the robber passes a note saying he has a gun and threatening to hurt a child. The note offers no specifics on the threat to the child, he said.

The most recent robbery occurred Monday, when the bandit hit the South Shore Bank branch on Turnpike Street in Stoughton. He is believed to have robbed the same bank on Dec. 13, authorities said.

During the robberies, the bandit has worn a dark sweatshirt or jacket, black pants, black gloves, dark boots, and his namesake brim beanie, said FBI spokeswoman Katherine Gulotta.

A brim beanie, or visor beanie, is a winter hat with a short brim.

Anyone with information on the robber is asked to call local police or the FBI. A reward will be presented to anyone with information leading to his arrest. The amount will not be released at this time, Jarvis said.