Boston bundles up, starts digging out

Along the city’s southern communities today, drivers were slipping on icy roadways, residents were digging out, and neighbors were helping neighbors.

On Cummins Highway in Hyde Park, drivers struggled to clear a hill, even though the major stretch was cleared of snow.

In Roslindale, on Bourne Street, which stretches into Jamaica Plain, whole families clad in winter coats, ski masks, and shovels cleared driveways.

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“I’m feeling good,’’ declared Bradley Day, who lives on the Roslindale side of Bourne Street. “I skipped the gym today.”

He’d spent two hours alone clearing the front of his home, the back, and a portion of his neighbor’s sidewalk

Up the street, a few houses down on the Jamaica Plain side, Liz Anker dug her shovel into the snow packed around her silver sedan and scooped up a pile, tossing it onto another mound.

She’d waited most of the morning for the sun to come out, but by the time a neighbor with a snowblower had cleared her sidewalk and another resident had cleaned around her car.

“My neighbors were really, really helpful,’’ she said.