Police on the tail of dazed, destructive deer in S. Hadley

A deer crashed through the front door of a South Hadley clothing store today and is still on the loose, with the state Environmental Police on its tail, officials said.

The deer crashed into the Crazy Moon clothing store at about 1 p.m. Employees were able to secure the deer in the back room, but it was able to escape later when police came to assist, said Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs spokeswoman Amy Mahler.

Once the deer bolted through the glass door, it ran straight across the building, said Joe Golio, owner of Crazy Moon. Although the deer was panicked, it did not knock even one item off a rack, he said.

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“It was big ... like a horse,” Golio said.

The deer ran into the store’s back room and Golio locked the door. The animal proceeded to destroy the entire room, Golio said.

“It was so quick I didn’t even see its face,” said Golio.

About four customers were in the store at the time. None of them were as frightened as the deer appeared to be, Golio said.

Environmental Police are trying to figure out what is wrong with the animal, Mahler said.

Deer can behave erratically during the mating season, which begins in late October and runs until early December. Often during mating season, a male deer will not hesitate before running across the road, according to the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife said.

“Mating season is definitely an important time to keep an eye out for deer, especially when driving,” Mahler said.

No further information was immediately available.