Lexington, Concord and neighboring towns celebrate their history on Patriots Day

As Salem is to Halloween and Plymouth is to Thanksgiving, so too are Concord, Lexington, and neighboring towns to Patriots Day.

In other words, if you plan to celebrate the holiday, the communities in which it all began are the places to be.

Lexington and Concord (and Lincoln and Acton, among other area communities) are eager to share their rich history with locals and visitors alike, and never more so than around the time of those fateful battles that started the American Revolution.

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Although Patriots Day is officially observed on Monday, events are held at various locations over the next two weekends.

Take your pick of observances, whether it’s a military reenactment, a speech by Paul Revere, an afternoon of Colonial games, or a long walk in the footsteps of the Minutemen, but don’t miss out on the celebrations marking the day that launched the fledgling country’s march to freedom. Listings on Page 5

Nancy Shohet West