The wireless classroom: A regional picture

School districts south of Boston have implemented wireless technology in varying degrees, ranging from complete coverage to selected hotspots within the schools. Many have such features as mobile carts that transport wireless devices to classrooms, a bring your own device (BYOD) option, and a 1-to-1 ratio of wireless devices to students.

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School district Wi-Fi Future plans
Abington Middle and high schools have full coverage; some classes have laptops, iPads, or netbooks for each student; BYOD encouraged Developing 1-to-1 capacity
Blue Hills Regional Full coverage; used for mobile laptops and iPad carts Expand use
Braintree Two elementary schools fully wireless, all other schools wireless in designated areas. BYOD not official, but many students do and are allowed access to school network Expanded wireless capability and moving away from BYOD to school-owned devices
Raynham Regional
High school has full coverage and other schools have hotspots for administration only; new Wi-Fi system in high school includes employee network; iPad and laptop carts Looking to implement BYOD in high school and get coverage in middle schools next year, eventually in all of the schools
Bristol-Plymouth Vocational Full coverage; mobile laptop and iPad carts; students can sign devices out from library; access for guests and faculty; Apple TV Investigating BYOD
Brockton All schools have full coverage; used for mobile laptop and tablet carts and personal devices. Expanding number of laptops and tablets
Canton One elementary school has 85 percent wireless coverage; other schools have spot coverage. Planning for expanded wireless, but nothing finalized
Dedham Full wireless coverage in the high school and one elementary school; remaining schools have some coverage; some 1-to-1 devices at the high school District is looking to strengthen wireless and purchase iPads
Duxbury Schools have full coverage, used for laptops and iPads; BYOD in high school with permission Expanding number of laptops and tablets
East Bridgewater Center School and Middle School have full coverage; used in computer labs; iPads used with special needs students New high school will be fully wireless; expanding to laptop and iPad carts; investigating BYOD
Foxborough Limited Wi-Fi hotspots in all five schools (none in classrooms); iPads for some administrators and special needs students Looking to get high school fully covered next year and build infrastructure to support Wi-Fi
Regional Charter
School is fully covered; used for Web-based applications in various classes Not decided
Hanover All schools have coverage; every teacher has a laptop; students use on restricted, case-by-case basis Not decided
Hingham Two of four elementary schools fully wireless; limited wireless in remaining schools New, fully wireless middle school to open in fall 2014; wireless capabilities in the former middle school will be distributed to elementary schools; high school will double wireless capability by fall 2014
Middleborough Complete coverage in high school where all teachers have laptops; hotspots in other 4 schools Make all schools fully wireless; working toward 1-to-1 system
Milton Tucker Elementary School wireless; numerous 1-to-1pilot programs in place All schools will be fully wireless by fall 2013; district will expand 1-to-1 program during 2014-15 school year.
Norton Administrative areas and mobile carts with individual wireless New high school will have full coverage and more laptop carts; administrators will have iPads and teachers will have laptops.
Norwell High school and middle school full coverage; 1-to-1 pilot with iPads in middle school; teachers have laptops Push 1-to-1 through all the grades
Norwood High school and middle school fully wireless; elementary schools and early education center have wireless hot spots. Technology Advisory Committee formed to study expanded wireless.
Old Colony All schools have Wi-Fi hotspots in main office and library; iPads and mini computers available Will expand to 1-to-1 with laptop for each student
Old Rochester All schools have coverage; teachers have laptops; used for mobile laptop and iPad carts Investigating BYOD
Pembroke Full coverage in one of three elementary schools as well as middle and high schools; used for administrator purposes Investigating BYOD
Plymouth Middle and high schools have full coverage; all high school teachers have laptops and administrators have iPads; iPad and laptop mobile carts; hotspots at elementary schools Expand full coverage to elementary schools and add more mobile carts
Quincy The two high schools and one of its middle schools are fully wireless All schools fully wireless by September; study more tablet use
Randolph All schools have wireless, but used primarily by staff rather than students Investigating BYOD
Rockland New combined middle-high school has coverage; few Wi-Fi hotspots in elementary; students use iPads and Kindles in the library; mobile laptops carts Plan to have complete coverage within next 12 months
Sharon Updated to faster connection districtwide last summer; use mobile laptop carts; piloting iPads for special needs students and in library Updating two elementary schools to faster system; investigating BYOD
South Shore
Full coverage; used for mobile laptop carts and 1-to1 iPad pilot program Will expand 1-to-1 iPad pilot next year
Stoughton All eight schools fully wireless Exploring ways to provide more 1-to-1 devices.
Walpole All eight schools, including the preschool, have wireless access points covering about 80 percent of the buildings. Hopes to be 100 percent wireless by the 2014-15 school year; including more tablets and wireless devices.
Wareham Rolling out wireless high-capacity access points; use laptop and iPad carts By fall of 2013, all buildings will be 60-70 percent covered; expanding number of iPads; investigating BYOD
West Bridgewater Full coverage in district; teachers have iPads; mobile laptop and iPad carts; unofficial BYOD Moving toward 1-to-1 with BYOD and issuing devices
Westwood All seven schools fully wireless; there are laptop carts in the schools that depend on wireless; limited BYOD. District plans to purchase 1,000 1-to-1 devices and have devices for every student at the middle and high school
Weymouth High school and Abigail Adams Middle School have full coverage; other 10 schools have wireless hotspots; laptops and iPads on mobile carts and in library; some BYOD Full coverage of all schools within next six months
Whitman-Hanson All schools have full coverage; mobile netbook carts; students can lease laptops and iPads None