Unleashed pitbull in Dorchester shot and killed by Boston cops Saturday night

An unleashed pit bull that reportedly charged at Boston police officers in Dorchester on Saturday night was shot and killed after the dog continually attacked the officers, according to police officials.

Boston police officers were responding to a call for a fight, possibly involving a man armed with a gun, in the area of 34 Millet St. in Dorchester at about 10:30 p.m. Saturday night, according to police.

As police began to surround the house, the unleashed dog began running at the officers from the back of the house, causing the officers to yell out “pit bull” to warn the other policemen on scene, according to authorities.

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The pit bull reportedly pursued the officers aggressively, causing the officers to flee from the side of the house to the front yard. The dog then began attacking one of the officers, reportedly lunging and charging at him, before police opened fire on the dog, authorities said.

The dog died from injuries sustained from the shooting, said Boston Police spokesman James Kenneally. Two officers were taken to a local hospital with minor injuries from the dog’s attack.

The dog’s owner was notified, but police would not comment further on the incident.

Police were able to enter the house to search for danger, but did not find anyone armed with a gun as originally reported, officials said.

In October, Boston police shot one of two pitbulls in East Boston that had broken loose from an apartment and bit a teenage boy. The incident had Boston Mayor Thomas Menino vowing to push for legislation that deals with pit bulls, despite a new state law that went into effect Nov. 1 forbidding breed-specific ordinances.