Grandmothers for Obama ready for 2016

It started in 2008 with a conversation between two friends at the Brookhaven at Lexington retirement community who wondered what they could do to help Barack Obama defeat John McCain.

By last month’s election, Grandmothers for Obama had grown into a national organization with nearly 1,000 members in 25 states and the District of Columbia. This summer and fall, its members wrote personalized postcards in support of their candidate to more than 100,000 older voters in swing states, according to Lexington resident Betsy Hatfield, the chief coordinator of the group.

“There was just quite an outpouring of enthusiasm for what we were doing,” said Hatfield. Obama’s victory, she said, was “a magical moment.”

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The group also sent out thousands of postcards supporting Elizabeth Warren, who defeated incumbent US Senator Scott Brown. Hatfield said that with if the other senator from Massachusetts, John F. Kerry, is confirmed as secretary of state, Grandmothers for Obama would likely get involved in the special election for his successor.

And there’s always 2016.

“The likelihood that we would be around in four years’’ to support the Democratic Party’s nominee “is pretty strong,” Hatfield said.