Mother of three children tells Globe Santa she can’t afford present for Christmas

The oldest daughter asked her mother ‘to skip her so her brother and sister can have a great Christmas’

Photos by Mary O’Connor for the Boston Globe

A letter to “Dear Friends at Globe Santa” from a mother living in a city north of Boston asked for help in providing gifts for her children.

“My three children are amazingly wonderful gifts from God,” the letter began. “They deserve so much more than we could ever do for them.”

The mother said her husband works a 70-to-80 hour week and barely brings home $700 per week. The family is not eligible for any type of assistance because “we make too much money,” she said. “Even with food stamps, we make just under the maximum, but because we are so close, we don’t actually receive any assistance.

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“I work a little from home but that doesn’t bring in much. I cannot get a great paying job to make it worth it to put the baby in day care.”

The woman’s oldest child is a 13-year-old girl who “understands that this year Santa just cannot afford to do much, especially with a new sister.”

As a result, the daughter has asked her mother “to skip her so that her brother and sister can have a great Christmas.”

In continuing her plea for help from Globe Santa, the mother tells of her son, Stephen, 7, who “is at that amazing age where Christmas is not only the birth of Christ, but such a magical time.”

The mother said, “He finds so much joy in giving rather than receiving . . . and just yesterday, we found a small inexpensive charm bracelet that he can give his older sister.”

The mother turned to “my newest addition, Sara.”

“Of course, I want her to be amazed on Christmas morning.” she said. “I have managed to get a few barely used items at a consignment store for her.”

The letter concludes, “We are asking for help this year because we are over a month behind on rent, have a large outstanding gas and electrical bill, and struggle to put food on the table. Even with my amazing couponing skills, we have never been this far behind and would truly appreciate help.

“Thank you and God Bless.”

The letter is signed by the mother and the father of the children.