Children facing critical health problems are among those on Globe Santa’s list

Boy dealing with a host of medical issues will get gifts

BOSTON, December 9, 2012- A minion from Universal Pictures' Despicable Me helped Globe Santa out with his fund at Copley Plaza. (Mary O'Connor for The Boston Globe)
A character from the Universal Pictures’ movie “Despicable Me” gave Globe Santa a hand in Copley Square last week. (Mary O'Connor for The Boston Globe)
The Boston Globe

Most of the letters received by Globe Santa each Christmas season asking for help in providing gifts for children are written by mothers.

The reasons they give for needing gifts are varied, but among the letters that leave a reader choking up a bit are ones outlining critical health problems a child faces.

One such letter came from a mother in a suburb west of Boston asking for gifts for her 8-year-old son “who has a pervasive developmental disorder, is autistic, and is in special education.”

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“Furthermore,” the letter continues, “he has diabetes type 1 so he has to have his blood sugar checked and insulin shots before every meal and before bed.

“At school and when he‘s with his dad, myself or other family one must carry a backpack filled with [an EpiPen], an inhaler and spacer, and a zippered pouch with all his needles, medication, alcohol pads, glucose tablets, ketone strips, test strips, lancets, pen needles, diabetes notebook, and a chart to record information, blood sugar, and every thing else when out and about.”

The mother goes on to say in her plea for Globe Santa’s help that the boy is a growing energetic child who needs new clothes and toys on a regular basis as well as medication refills and supplies.

The boy lives with his father, she said, because she has autoimmune disease that “affects my skin and muscles.”

The father is on a fixed income and needs assistance with providing Christmas gifts for their son. “Though I am employed, the money that I earn is at a poverty level, so I too cannot afford to [give her son] presents for Christmas.”

In concluding her letter to Globe Santa, the mother wrote, “If there is any way your organization would be willing and able to assist the 3 of us would be eternally grateful and appreciative.”

Her request has been received by Santa’s staff and gifts will on their way.