Keeping students safe


Used by most school districts nationwide when an armed intruder enters a school building or grounds, the protocol directs staff and students to:

 Sound a lockdown alert

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 Lock classroom doors

 Turn out the lights

 Hide in a far corner of the classroom

 Remain calm and quiet inside the building and wait for help

 Not make independent decisions during the emergency


Standing for “Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate” and used in about 300 school districts nationwide for its “enhanced lockdown options,” the program:

 Authorizes staff and students to actively make decisions and take action to save their own lives as a crisis unfolds

 Recommends locking down in a secure room if possible

 Trains students to barricade classroom doors with furniture

 Trains students to evacuate the building whenever feasible, including from windows

Includes a controversial “counter” component that instructs students, if all else fails, to throw objects, confuse and even physically attack the shooter

SOURCES: Massachusetts Juvenile Police Officer’s Association; Response Options