Health awareness campaign launched

Partners HealthCare is launching a new public awareness campaign in Revere and three other cities that promotes healthy eating and active living. The campaign features advertising messages displayed on MBTA buses and subway cars, at commuter rail stations, on billboards, on, and at the Showcase Cinema de Lux, in Revere. Partners earlier this year awarded $240,000 in four-year grants to support antiobesity campaigns in Chelsea, Lynn, Revere, and Salem that are part of the state’s Mass in Motion program. The public awareness campaign is being celebrated by Revere on the Move, the antiobesity program in Revere. Kate Blackford, Revere’s manager of healthy community initiatives, said Revere on the Move plans to incorporate some of the public awareness campaign in its own promotion. “We are really excited about creating new opportunities for people to make healthy choices and for those healthy choices to be easy choices,” she said. Revere on the Move is a collaboration between the city and MGH Revere CARES, a coalition overseen by Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Community Health Improvement that works to improve the well-being of Revere residents.

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