Ipswich students use Skype to present at Rotary International Day

The Interact Club from Ipswich High School made a presentation to other clubs at last Saturday’s Rotary International Day at the United Nations in New York City, but members did it from Ipswich via the Internet. While New York City was dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which left significant parts of the city flooded or without power, officers of the Ipswich club decided to cancel the trip. The event was still held at the UN, and the club used Skype videoconferencing software to deliver its planned presentation on how it grew membership from 20-something to 117 students. Rotary advisor Keith Harris said there was concern from parents and school officials about the trip, which would have involved 70 students from Ipswich, plus others from Gloucester and Rockport. “It was an amazingly mature response, especially given the scale of disappointment,” Harris said.

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