Cow Fund to host Family Farm Day

The Breakneck Hill Cow Fund will be hosting its Family Farm Day on Saturday. The fund was established in June 2002 to help ensure that the belted Galloway cattle roaming the conservation area remain in town.  The nonprofit group owns the herd, which has become an icon of Southborough’s agricultural roots. The fund-raiser will help provide hay to the 15 cattle still roaming Breakneck Hill. Family Farm Day will include a hike that will shed light on the history of the property, treats, apple cider, and access to cute farm animals, while the main event is a cow-pie contest. Participants can purchase a square marked off in an enclosure for $20, with a prize going to the owner of the location where one of the belties leaves a “present.” The day’s events begin at 11 a.m. at the Community Gardens at the Breakneck Hill Conservation Land, on Breakneck Hill Road. For more information, visit or call Laurie Bourdon at  

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