Bird sightings

Recent bird sightings as reported to the Massachusetts Audubon Society:

Hurricane Sandy produced reports of very interesting birds. Among rarities reported were an American white pelican at Plum Island, four to five brown pelicans on Cape Cod and Nantucket, a magnificent frigatebird on the Rhode Island-Massachusetts state line in Westport, at least three Northern lapwings (two at Nantucket and one at First Encounter Beach in Eastham), 10 cattle egrets, a very late arctic tern, a Le Conte’s sparrow in Eastham, and cave swallows in North Andover and South Dartmouth. The Northern lapwing in Eastham was only observed for about an hour; however, the two lapwings at Nantucket were still present later in the week along the western shore of Hummock Pond. Other reports from Nantucket included two to three brown pelicans seen in flight at several locations around the island, eight canvasbacks, a black-headed gull, approximately 100 lesser black-backed gulls, five razorbills, and two indigo buntings.

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Rockport: A sea watch at Andrew’s Point last Monday tallied 12 harlequin ducks; 125 red-throated and 151 common loons’ seven Northern fulmars; 11 great, one sooty, and five Manx shearwaters; four Leach’s storm-
petrels; 5,700 Northern gannets; 362 black-legged kittiwakes; eight pomarine and six parasitic jaegers; 19 dovekies; three common murres; and 116 razorbills.

Plymouth: A similar effort at Manomet Point produced hundreds of sea ducks; 247 common loons; nine great, 26 Cory’s, and five Manx shearwaters; five Leach’s storm-
petrels; 2,700 Northern gannets; 253 black-legged kittiwakes; four pomarine jaegers; and four parasitic jaegers.

Westport: At Gooseberry Neck: a royal tern, two orange-crowned warblers, a Northern parula, a bay-breasted warbler, and a clay-colored sparrow. At Allens Pond in South Dartmouth: six lesser yellowlegs, a stilt sandpiper, a late Eastern wood-pewee, a cave swallow, and five barn swallows.

Miscellaneous: The continued presence of a Ross’s goose at Wolomolopaug Pond in Sharon; a cattle egret at the Spencer Pierce Little Farm in Newbury; single brown pelicans in Chatham and Harwich; a remarkable late tally of 27 Eastern kingbirds at Cherry Hill Reservoir in West Newbury; an ovenbird at Nahant; and a Tennessee warbler in Arlington.