Town to buy railroad station

Selectmen have begun the process of buying the historic Stoughton Railroad Station. Selectmen agreed on Sept. 26 during an executive session to have the sale done in cooperation with the Stoughton Redevelopment Authority. On Oct. 16, selectmen voted 4-1 to direct Interim Town Manager Joseph Feaster to inform Transit Realty Associates, the real estate arm of the MBTA, of the town’s intent to buy the property and 30 adjoining parking places. The realty group is asking for $350,000 to purchase the property, opened in 1888 and since 1974 part of the National Register of Historic Places. The town would receive a state grant of $175,000 toward the purchase price, and financing over 10 years for the remainder of the cost, under a recently signed state transportation bond bill. Selectmen chairman John Stagnone said that before the sale is completed, the redevelopment authority would get an appraisal, have the property surveyed, and check for hazardous materials on site. He said the purchase would allow the town to retain local control, and that selling the property to an individual down the road is also a possibility. He also said any sale could contain a clause giving the town the option of buying the property back should it be put up for sale again.

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