Good manners for kids

Hingham resident Beth Brainard has released a children’s etiquette book, “Soup Should Be Seen, Not Heard!” to try to show today’s parents how to raise children who are respectful and polite. The book is available on and in stores in 20 states, including R.S.V.P. on Main Street and The Paper Store in Derby Street Shoppes. According to Brainard, she stumbled on the idea after working in a national consulting firm teaching etiquette to corporate groups. “One rainy day, I had this epiphany that I’m speaking to glassy-eyed middle managers, and their mothers should have taught them this,” she said. “Learning good manners at a young age is the first step in helping children develop good character, because they learn to be considerate and gracious and kind in their actions, and then as they get older they can begin to understand the concepts of courtesy, graciousness, and kindness.” Brainard will also be promoting the book in November through Bloomingdale’s.  

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